Mapping Your Future


Postel Family Credit Union can help with qualified and professional staff but we also have an endless array of business partners who can step in and take our service to a higher level.


Credit Unions were founded on the principle of “people helping people.” That philosophy is still a driving force in the day-to-day operations of today’s credit union. When we improve the life of one member, we improve the lives of all members since we all share in the financial success through dividends and better loans rates.


If you are carrying a lot of debt on credit cards and loans, you can still set a plan to save. First, we suggest you look at your debt situation as part of your “Budget Planning Tips” to see how much you are spending on credit.


By setting a plan to reduce your high-interest debt you’ll get closer to saving money today.


  1. Identify your monthly payments for credit card balances, loans, rent-to-own obligations and other items you are making installment payments on.

    • Stay timely on your payments to eliminate late payment charges.

    • Pay off fastest, if possible, those items that contain additional costs such as late payment charges, over-the-limit fees and higher interest rates.

  2. Stop using your credit cards for day-to-day expenses. Use cash or checks so spend only money you actually have.

    • If you must use a credit card, try to use only one and set a limit for yourself.

  3. Could you consolidate all of the debt onto one credit card with a better interest rate? Or could you consolidate all of your debt into a lower interest rate loan?

    • Talk to a loan officer at Postel Family about your options.

  4. Contact your creditors to discuss repayment options if you are having trouble. They may consider alternative palns if you help them understand what you are capable of doing.

  5. Contact a non-profit credit counselor, such as the National Foundation for Credit Counseling at or our business partner Accel Members Financial Management.